The Health Star Rating campaign supports the implementation of the Health Star Rating system through activities designed to inform consumers and encourage industry participation.

The latest phase of the campaign will run from late April 2023 with creative across, online, out of home and in-store advertising. The campaign first launched in 2014 when the system was introduced.


The primary objectives of the campaign are to:

  • Increase consumer knowledge about how to use the Health Star Rating system to make healthier choices when purchasing fresh and packaged foods.
  • Demonstrate how healthier packaged food options can be incorporated into a balanced diet.
  • Educate consumers about how to compare products within the same category.

Campaign materials

Health Star Rating campaign advertising materials:


Advertisement – Compare (Image 1130 KB)

Advertisement – Calculate (Image 947 KB)


Health Star Rating animation

Health Star Rating animation - compare

Health Star Rating animation - fresh, canned and frozen