The Health Star Rating Calculator (HSRC) can now be accessed in two different formats. In either of its formats, the HSRC should be used in conjunction with the Guide for Industry, which explains how the star ratings are calculated and provides other important information such as how to determine the form of a food, or calculate fruit, vegetable, nut and legume content.

Note: the Health Star Rating Calculator generates a rating using information about food beyond the information available on the pack. If you calculate a Health Star Rating from the information on the pack alone, it may not be accurate.

  • Online Calculator and Artwork - A form that generates a Health Star Rating and links directly to the Health Star Ratings Style Guide, Guide for Industry, and to the artwork once a star rating has been calculated.
  • Excel Calculator and Artwork - A spreadsheet that calculates the Health Star Rating only. Uses the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating food categories, with the conversion to HSRC categories taking place in the background. The Health Star Rating Style Guide, Guide for Industry, and artwork files are accessed separately.

Data entered in either format can be downloaded or printed for your records.