On World Kidney Day, we are reminded that maintaining a healthy weight and balanced diet can help care for your kidneys.

The below video explains how the Health Star Rating system can help you read the nutrient icons to quickly compare the general nutritional profile of foods within the same category of packaged and processed goods.

Compare similar products and choose options with higher star ratings, and/or lower saturated fats, sugars and sodium (salt).

The Health Star Rating system uses stars, from half to five stars; to provide an at-a-glance comparison between similar packaged and processed food, such as between two cereals or muesli bars.

So just remember on your next shopping trip, the more stars on the front of pack, the healthier the choice.

To better understand the importance of healthy eating and for more information on how to use the Health Star Rating System, visit the Health Star Rating website.

Information about kidney health and ways to take care of your kidneys is online at www.kidney.org.au